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"Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?" [01 Mar 2006|05:06am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Friends only banner made by thenarniaqueen

Sorry, but I have decided to make my journal "Friends only". There are a few reasons for this:

1.) My thoughts are private and I'd prefer it if only the people I choose to see them, sees them.
2.) I swear...don't wanna offend anyone...cause for God's sake we all know how sensitive some people are...*eye roll*
3.) I'm very opinionated and if you are narrow minded...p*ss off.
4.) People lurk me (Cause I guess I'm cool? lol idk) and stalking via interwebz has become the latest craze. To keep the chatter about me and my personal life to a minimum I lock my entries. If I find out that you've friended me only to lurk me and create drama not only will you be deleted, but you will also be bitched out...not only by me, but by my amazing friends as well; so just don't do it.

Rules to join:

1.) If you want to be added...ADD ME silly ass.
2.) We have to share at least 3 of the same interests.
3.) Be open minded.
4.) Have respect for me and my fellow friends. Plzthx.
5.) No rude comments will tolerated. AT ALL. Anyone making rude comments to my entries or my fellow friend's comments...will be cut from my friends list IMMEDIATELY. No joke...see the above rule about respect
6.) NO bashing myself, my friends, or anything that we believe in...got a nasty opinion? Keep it to yourself.
7.) Respect my opinions...you don't have to like them or agree with them...but you will respect them.
8.) Comment to my entries at least once in a while...like once a week maybe...it just lets me know that you're reading so that I don't remove you from my friends list...you don't have to be a comment whore for God's sake, just every once in a while
9.) If you don't like something that I like or don't agree with me on something, that's fine and you can let me how you honestly feel and if I offended you and I will apologize...but please, I stress the please DO NOT start drama with me...because I don't put up with it. This is MY journal...and you don't have to read it or like it. Remember that and we'll get along just A-okay.
10.) I will not add you back unless you comment to this entry with the following:

Where did you find my journal?
Got anything in common?
Gonna respect me and my friends?

this isn't to be bitchy, it just lets me know who you are, what we have in common, and if you read these rules.

That's about it...that's basically all I have to say about it. So if you want to be friends, then just follow the rules, leave me a comment and I'll add ya. Simple as that really :) Thanks.

Peace, love, and Harry Potter ♥

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